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Because your legal writing should be error free. 

Order Legal Editing ServicesIs your legal document or manuscript almost ready to submit or publish but not yet error free? If so, then you'll want to order our legal copy editing service. The purpose of copy editing your legal writing is to ensure that there are no remaining errors in grammar, punctuation, or word choice that can undermine your credibility in writing.

Our legal copy editing service applies the following editing parameters to your manuscript:

Legal Copy Editing Service
  • Spelling & Typos: Even in the case spelling errors, a software grammar check will commonly overlook mistakes that aren't obvious, such as homonym substitutions (like they're/there), inconsistent capitalization (are you sure "Senator" should be capitalized in every instance?), and typographical errors ("typos"). 
  • Punctuation: Our legal copy editing service fixes errors such as misplaced commas, extra spacing, inconsistent ellipses, a period on the wrong side of a parenthesis, an incorrect semicolon, and related issues in legal writing. It also includes changes to puncutation for purposes of readability. (A parenthesis––for example––is sometimes less effective than a hyphen, and sometimes a hyphen is quite effective within a parenthesis.)
  • Proofreading: While there is some overlap between legal proofreading and legal copy editing (the result of both copy editing and proofreading is an error free draft), our legal copy editing service includes a final proofreading pass for minor errors that, too often, go unnoticed before a document reaches its intended audience.

To find out more about our legal copy editing service and how to order, or to consult with us about which of our editing services you need, please feel welcome to contact us, or you can place an order here directly to have us get started today (with the assurance that our decades of combined experience, ensured by our money back guarantee, will deliver the polished legal manuscript you need).

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Our Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our service and we cannot satisfactorily resolve your problem, we will refund your payment.